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Bruin Bites: Morris Looking Around, Missouri Press Say Tigers Choked, and UC Value

It's Monday morning and as football season comes to an end for the Bruins, we gear up for the beginning of Pac-12 conference play for Ben Howland's dumpster fire program, fresh off a Lavin-esque "huge" win over Missouri at Pauley Pavilion. To kick off the week, we begin with the usual round-up of the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse.

Yeah, that sucked.
Yeah, that sucked.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's New Year's Eve. 2012 is coming to a rapid close and 2013 is just on the horizon. It's been an interesting year for UCLA, with Jim Mora reviving interest and excitement for the football program, only to fall flat at the end of the year, and with basketball reaching all-new lows (read: Cal Poly) under lame duck Ben Howland. But most importantly, 2012 comes to a close without UCLA winning a single national championship in any sport. While 2011 saw two women's teams pick up NCAA titles (golf and volleyball), 2012 was a trophy-less year for Chianti Dan's incompetent, clueless, tone deaf Morgan Center administration. Just let that simple fact set in. 2012: ZERO national championships in Westwood. Great job Chianti.

Turning to the week, talk about an interesting week in bizarro world. The UCLA football team, flying high with nine wins under their belt in the first year of the Jim Mora era, were expected to take it to the underachieving Baylor Bears and their porous defense in Thursday night's Holiday Bowl match-up. The UCLA men's basketball team, unable to put together any kind of consistency under lame duck Ben Howland in yet-another dumpster fire joyless basketball season in Westwood, was expected to get embarrassed on national television against high-flying #7-ranked Missouri, leading to (if the rumors were to be believed) Howland's ouster mid-season.

Instead, in a strange twist of fate, Mora's football team got absolutely devastated in San Diego, getting punked out on both sides of the ball by Baylor, leaving UCLA football fans with a bitter taste in their mouth following a season that met the minimum expectations of our new head coach, but was nevertheless a season of unfulfilled promise and potential. Keeping with the theme of bizarro weekend, Howland's basketball team came out on fire and played their best game of the season, dropping the Tigers at Pauley Pavilion, saving Howland's job at least through the end of the year.

Thus is the life of a UCLA fan: whenever you think things are going right, karma kicks you square in the balls. The much-maligned football team, following a season that brought hope back to Westwood, fell flat on their face in an embarrassing butt-kicking reminiscent of the Dorrell and Neuheisel eras. The storied basketball program, on its dying legs under a stubborn failed coach who should have been fired last season, went out and played at a "magical" level, leading the more astute fans to instantly realize that, yet again, the Bruins were on the Steve Lavin path to "success" which would ultimately lead to further denigration of Coach's once-proud program.

So, with all that said, let's turn to the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse to start off our work week (and wrap up our failed 2012 calendar year with ZERO national titles for UCLA thanks to Chianti Dan's failed athletic department):

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites to start the work week with. Fire away with your thoughts, takes, and additions in the comments thread.