Coach McClure Uses Martial Arts to Helf D-Line w/ Technique

The most recent Bruin Locker Room Football Insider included an awesome video showing martial arts training in hand-to-hand combat being applied to the D-Line. Coach Angus McClure reached out to UCLA Rec after he noticed the players on the line needed to improve their hand speed, balance, and punching mechanics.

I know many of us were initially worried about Mora's decision to have McClure coach the D-Line considering that McClure had never been a D-Line coach (he previously coached O-Line, tight ends, and special teams). Many of us felt that with the talent and potential we had, we should have gone after a coach with experience. Give credit to McClure for reaching out to UCLA Rec and trying out new things to address an area of need.

Also, the video shows how martial arts training can be applied to different sports. Is there anyway we can send these guys to basketball practice? Yeah right, Howland is too stubborn to try anything new.

Also, I really like the production value of the video. It looks very professional (to my novice eyes). Of course, that's because it's produced by the Pac-12, not UCLA.

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