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UCLA Football VIDEO: Using Martial Arts to Win Games?

Neat video from the Pac-12 showing how UCLA football coaches brought in a martial arts trainer to polish up the techniques of the Bruin defensive line.

Thanks to BruinsRUs for finding this video:

Really interesting stuff and cool to see Angus McClure for not being afraid to try out non-traditional/cutting-edge techniques from a non-traditional discipline and applying it to such a brute/traditional aspect of the football game.

The performance of the Bruin front-7 was one of the most improved aspect of this year's football team. I had my doubts about whether Coach Angus McClure would be able to step up as a DL coach after never teaching that position in the past. But credit to him for proving himself as a teacher this year in addition to the great job he has always done on the recruiting trail. Credit also to Coach Mora recognizing that McClure would be a good fit as a DL coach.


UPDATE (N): As soon as I blogged this BruinsRUs also simultaneously blogged this fanpost as well sharing the same sentiment about Coach McClure. Again, huge thanks to him for spotting the video and kudos to Coach McClure for improving the play of our DL this season. GO BRUINS.