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UCLA Football Recruiting Open Thread: Remaining Bruin "Targets", Mid-Day Open Thread

Let's do a fresh thread as the Javon Williams one is getting packed with comments. Here are the recruiting targets who have yet to announce:

Reportedly Seth Jacob is off the board and Tairen Owens is "exploring options". The Owens news is not a surprise to us based on what we had heard in recent days. As for the remaining guys except for Goforth - others are long shots. I don't really believe Treggs is still deciding. I think he is all set on Cal. It will be a monumental shocker if he comes to UCLA. I wouldn't recommend anyone holding their breath for Treggs.Doesn't really matter though as today already has been a massive success for Mora and UCLA.

For for those who are interested Coach Jim Mora is going to be on at ESPNU at 12:20pm PT (like now) for an interview. He will also be on CBS Sports Network at 12:45pm PT. Wonder if it will be Coach Rick Neuheisel, who will interview Mora. That'd be pretty interesting TV on NSD. Speaking of interviews, here is Noel Mazzone talking about his new QBs:

He is fired up. So are we.

You can keep tracking the signees on the official site here. Also, keep eyes on the lists on BRO and BruinBlitz. Let's continue the fun in a fresh open thread.