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Dear Chancellor Block: Please Make It - Dan Guerrero's "Blogging" Embarrassments - Stop

Dear Chancellor Block: Make it Stop
Dear Chancellor Block: Make it Stop

We are sure many here were holding their breath to read the latest "blog" from Dan - "what's wrong with Spaulding" - Guerrero. The staff at UCLA athletics continues to pump out the lame newsletters on a weekly basis, which only keeps adding the embarrassment that has become Chianti Dan. Take the latest "word from Westwood" example in which Dan "blogs" about Ben Howland's dumpster fire program:

With just six regular season games remaining on the schedule and tight Pac-12 standings at this point, the men's basketball game against USC tomorrow night at the LA Sports Arena will mean much more than just a battle for city supremacy. Our Bruins are jostling for the best-possible seed in the Pac-12 Tournament and need much of the same boisterous support you have shown them in recent weeks as they look to defend their home court, especially in such close proximity to our rival's territory. I look forward to seeing you at the Sports Arena with your blue and gold on tomorrow night.

Then, the very next morning, Ben Howland and his charges will head to New York for their matchup against St. John's on Saturday. A cross-country trip followed by an early tipoff (10 am PT on CBS) will be a challenge, but playing in as iconic a venue as Madison Square Garden presents a unique opportunity for our Bruins to shine on the national stage.

You feel the excitement everyone?! Guerrero is fired up for the Bruins to position themselves to finish in fourth place in arguably the worst Pac-10 conference in last 30+ years.

I have no idea what he means by "Ben Howland and his charges": [Screenshotted here in addition to being excerpted above]:

What does he mean by charges? People Howland is in "charge" of? Did he mean to write about Howland and his minions? More on Dan's "blogging" after the jump.

The question Dan handpicked this "blog" was also hilarious:

Q: Dan, after hearing all about the great football recruiting class, I'm really excited to see Jim Mora and his team on the field, when will Spring Practice begin? Is there a date yet for the Spring Game? Where will it be played?

Wow, wait to step up and answer the tough ones Dan. Note there was no follow-up from last week's "blog" during which Guerrero specifically admitted that under him the football program became totally irrelevant and also offered up pathetic reasons for shamelessly overcharging Bruin fans for big home games next season. Somehow Guerrero couldn't find a way to explain those issues or have the courage to add "comment" section in his blog so that he and his staff could directly answer those concerns.

Dan is going to be in NYC this weekend. If there are BN readers who will actually spend time to interact with him any alumni events, you ought to ask him why hasn't he shut down this joke "blog"? Ask the traveling UCLA officials why anyone at Morgan Center has not told him to stop sending out this tonedeaf missives that are only making things worse.

Since Dan will be coming from the game against the Trojans, may also want to ask since he spent the entire preseason touting the buses to the Sports Arena, if he was cool and engaged enough to ride with the fan on one of those buses. I guess you just can't beat the level of engagement he gets from his weekly "blog" questions.