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Devastating Podcast Discussion on ESPN U: Ben Howland Has Totally Lost UCLA Fans

Click here and start up the ESPNU college basketball podcast. Set the play button around 11:20 mark and just listen. Eamonn Brennan and Dana O'Neil had follow-up discussions on putting Ben Howland in ESPN's "Bottom 10." The discussion was a devastating one for those who still think Howland is long term viable answer at UCLA.

Brennan started the discussion by reporting how UCLA fans pretty much universally agreed with his gloomy take on Howland. They then talked about how Howland has been a "disaster" in how he "handled things" this year. Dana O'Neil agrees that "it will not be a surprise" if Howland is fired this season.

Eamonn agreed that this "team never got better" under Howland this season. He also rightly held Howland and his training staff accountable for the condition of Smith adding "may be his players never respected him." Dana O'Neil agreed that Smith has some personal responsibility but also said it will be wrong for Howland and his cronies to throw Smith under the bus suggesting "it is hard to get back respect" once you lose it from players. O'Neil ended with the observation that Howland has come to a "point of diminishing return" and Howland is "nearing it."

Give it a listen. It's fascinating and completely in sync with the discussions we have been having on BN. It appears everyone except Chianti Dan and his delusional staffers are in coming to realization that Howland's time is ending at UCLA. It is time for UCLA alums to turn up the heat on Chancellor Gene Block and get him to remove Guerrero. This way we can have a competent AD who can make the pivotal decisions around firing of Howland and the hiring of next basketball coach at UCLA.