Football Note: Mora Eggs on "Tebow-Mania" at UCLA, Other Pro QBs Also in Westwood

You have all heard about Tim Tebow working out with Coach Noel Mazzone by now. Coach Jim Mora officially egged on the "little Tebow-mania" at UCLA yesterday:

"There's a little Tebow-mania going on here on the UCLA campus," Mora said. "There's a few more girls hanging around the football office and the football field that there typically are."

However, as Coach Mora noted Tebow is not only pro-QB or aspiring pro-QB working out at UCLA these days:

Also working out at UCLA on Thursday was San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and former Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler are expected in over the next few days.

Mazzone wouldn't go into specifics about what he and Tebow were working on, saying only that they were trying to improve his mechanics.

"He's obviously a guy that wants to get better, like they all do," Mazzone said. "And wants to kind of become good at his craft and his craft is being an NFL quarterback. Like Philip Rivers. There is nothing I'm going to say that's going to make Philip Rivers any better than the quarterback he is, but they love to compete, they like to play and they like to get better at what they do."

All these stories are pretty good signs re. the quality of our coaching staff:

"I think it's just an indicator of the quality of coach that we've been able to hire at UCLA," Mora said. "I think this whole thing with these quarterbacks wanting to come and be around Noel and Taylor [Taylor Mazzone, Coach Mazzone's son. - BN Ed] is just another indicator of the quality of coach we've been able to hire here."

That makes sense to us. This kind of stories will certainly help our recruiting effort. Now let's hope Mazzone's coaching results in better than decent performance from UCLA quarterbacks, resulting in a big season in Mora's first year.


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