Calling BN Stat/Numbers Junkies: Putting Together Hoops "Lowlights" from Last 4 Seasons

Imagine many of you are pretty numb like us after the latest debacle in New York City. If you want to vent there is the post-game thread (make sure you are respectful to others).

If you want to take action - you can always contact the Chancellor's Office on Tuesday through phone or email. We will repost the blogpost with contact information tomorrow night.

In the meantime you can help us out in another way to keep the pressure on UCLA (and the Athletic Department). We'd like to highlight some of the key stats from last 3+ years to underscore the argument how irrelevant Ben Howland's basketball program has become in the national scene. Some obvious bullets can include:

  • 1444 days since UCLA basketball has won the Pac-12 conference
  • Last time UCLA experienced a 4 year drought without conference championship (prior to Lavin era) was 1987-1992 (Walt Hazzard's last season and Jim Harrick's first 3 seasons)
  • UCLA hasn't had a 4 year of Sweet-16 droughts since 1981-1989 (Larry Farmar/Hazzard stretch)

What are some other key numbers from last four years you can think of? If you can chime in the comment thread, it'd be a huge help.


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