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Non-Revenue Roundup: Men's Tennis and Volleyball Roll, Softball Struggles, Women's Hoops Sweeps, Women's Water Polo Wins Big

Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics' Official Website
Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics' Official Website

Well, if the new Monday morning edition of Bruin Bites wasn't enough to power you through a dreaded case of the Mondays, then fortunately, you have a busy week of non-revenue sports action to keep you going through the first day of a long week (well, it's hard for it not to feel long after last week's four-day cruise).

While many teams had a much more forgiving schedule this week (amazing what the lack of tournament action can do for a team's rest and rehab), the softball team found itself in another tournament, although not with the same results, while other Bruin squads tuned up for either big matches, or post-season play. In any event, let's take a look at how our non-revenue sports fared this past week:

And with that, that is your non-revenue roundup for this past week. Harsh weekend for the women's softball team, but great form by the rest of the Bruin squads in action.

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