Has UCLA Hired A "Crisis Communication" Firm to Deal With an Alleged Basketball Scandal?

We're seeing some interesting tweets indicating that there is a potential UCLA Basketball scandal. From The Mighty Bruins:

Re: expose RT : School has advanced copy. Hearing source is a salty former manager that sold his soul

And also from Sports by Brooks:

If you havent heard, SI's working on expose of UCLA hoops. Former players, drug use. Coming soon.

I wouldn't go off the deep end about UCLA thing just yet. Tho UCLA has hired a crisis communications firm to deal with it.

We also have fanshot on this here.

What the heck is going on? A crisis communications firm sounds ominous. Well, this certainly makes me look forward to the next Q&A in the Word from Westwood "blog":

Q: Dan, I heard that there is a story in Sports Illustrated about the basketball program. Isn't this just a salty former manager with an axe to grind?
A: We always take these sorts of allegations very seriously, but rest assured that we have a substance abuse policy and have been following it. Many of the individuals in the article are no longer with the program and we can't comment further for privacy reasons. See you all in Tuscany!

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