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Ben Howland Responds to Upcoming Sports Illustrated Expose on UCLA Basketball Scandal

Per Jon Gold's Facebook page:

‎#UCLA HC Ben Howland on upcoming SI expose: "Specifically, I can't talk about any former player or student relative to anything having to do with that. We have a comprehensive drug policy here at UCLA where any time someone fails a drug test, I'm alerted, school's alerted and player is alerted, and I think we have a good program in place for all teams to receive education and counseling and receive discipline."

Well, that clarifies at least two things...after the jump.

So now we know:

1. There is in fact a SI expose coming up, in case there was still any doubt

2. You've all been alerted! Stay on alert! Hide the bongs!

2. Umm...maybe BN is in fact UCLA's Crisis Communication firm? That response is nearly identical to the faux response given by Chianti Dan, as imagined by Odysseus:

Q: Dan, I heard that there is a story in Sports Illustrated about the basketball program. Isn't this just a salty former manager with an axe to grind?

A: We always take these sorts of allegations very seriously, but rest assured that we have a substance abuse policy and have been following it. Many of the individuals in the article are no longer with the program and we can't comment further for privacy reasons. See you all in Tuscany!

We don't make this stuff up folks. Needless to say, UCLA and Ben Howland are already in full crisis management mode. What more will it take to send Chianti Dan on to his next adventure?