FAQ (For New Visitors): Why We Call UCLA’s Incompetent AD "Chianti Dan"

We imagine there will be lot of folks visiting this community tomorrow (they are already hitting it hard tonight) to check in on the dumpster fire that is Dan Guerrero's garbage basketball program. Ben Howland is an afterthought.

One of the questions that may arise is why we call Guerrero "Chianti Dan". Well for those who need to get up to speed here is why:

The Tuscan hills have borne witness to Etruscan ingenuity, medieval power struggles and the creation of world-renowned art and architecture. Join UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero '74 and discover Tuscany's epic history, then continue to the glorious Italian Riviera. Stop at Castello di Monsanto for wine tasting and explore Florence. Visit a sculptor's studio in Carrara, enjoy picturesque Portofino and the coastal villages of Cinque Terre. Stay in romantic Sestri Levante, a gorgeous town of enticing beaches, lush gardens and converted castles.


HT to LABruin for bringing attention to this via a fanshot few months ago.

Think about it for a second. UCLA basketball may be getting hit hard with a national scandal potentially involved drug abuse in recent years. If those allegations turns out to be true, contextualize that with the image of a tonedeaf, clueless, incompetent and the highest paid athletic director in the Pac-12 (hyped as a "warrior"(!)), running around in a Chianti booze cruise.

Again ... just what will it take to for Chancellor Block to remove this guy from UCLA?


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