What did Dan Guererro know and when did he know it?

The SI piece contains some damning allegations about Howland's preferential treatment towards certain players. Reeves Nelson should have been immediately removed from the program after the first instance of intentionally injuring a teammate. Howland's inaction in response to known drug and alcohol use is troubling. Howland's acceptance and tolerance of an overall lack of accountability and dedication to Coach's program is absolutely unacceptable.

However, and of more significance to the long term well being of Coach's program, how was Dan Guererro not aware of what was happening with the basketball program? And if he did know, why was nothing done about it?

I find it very difficult to believe that Dan Guererro was not aware of these issues. Someone must have brought this to his attention. As the Athletic Director, he has an absolute responsibility to be aware of what is happening in the program. That leads me to two alternative conclusions:

1. Dan Guererro knew what was going on, and did nothing; or

2. Dan Guererro was ignorant of the issues with the basketball program.

Either way, Dan Guererro failed. Again.

In the larger picture, why is it that Dan Guererro only reacts to these situations after the fact? (See, e.g. the student seating fiasco at Pauley, the debacle in Tuscon involving the football team, etc).

A proactive leader would have put Howland and the basketball program in check. A proactive leader would have reinforced the standards established by Coach. A proactive leader does not wait until the problem musrooms out of control and gets exposed by the media.

Of course, Dan Guererro has done nothing during his tenure to demonstrate proactive leadership.

The revelations set forth in the SI article further reinforce our argument that Dan Guerrero is asleep at the wheel and completely incapable of leading this program going forward. Voice your concerns to Chancellor Block today.

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