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UCLA Basketball Scandal: Ben Howland Trampled on Coach's Legacy

By now, most of you have read the ugly report on the recent downfall of UCLA Basketball in the SI article by George Dohrmann.

I don't have much more to add right now. I am angered and saddened, disappointed and livid. It took decades to build a legacy and only a few short years to completely destroy it. It goes to show you how fragile a reputation can be in today's environment, and how vigilant those responsible must be in protecting and nurturing that reputation instead of being obsessed with accounting and saving a few bucks.

After reading the article, I was left with one glaring thought...after the jump.

Of all of Reeves Nelson's shenanigans and disgusting acts, none could be more symbolic than what he did to Tyler Trapani.

Walk-on Tyler Trapani was another Nelson victim. After Trapani took a charge that negated a Nelson dunk, Nelson went out of his way to step on Trapani's chest as he lay on the ground.

Tyler Trapani, Coach's great-grandson. Tyler Trapani who, in his application to UCLA, purposely left out his genetic affiliation so that he could be admitted on his own merit. Tyler Trapani, who gave old Pauley as epic a close as anyone could ask for. Tyler Trapani, a living symbol of what one great man did for UCLA Basketball.

Trampled by a despicable punk.

Trampled, like Coach's program is being trampled by Howland's carelessness, Dan Guerrero's incompetence and Gene Block's indifference.

But Tyler got back up, and UCLA Basketball will as well, and when it does, it should be without the services of people who do not value Coach's legacy except when it helps them make speeches and confront a crisis.

Go Bruins.