VIDEO Highlights: National Signing Day Event at UCLA, Part 2

After the debacle last night from our disappointing basketball team, at least we can look forward to football season . . . oh wait. Never-mind.

However, while we've had no recent (the last decade+, thanks Chianti) history of consistent winning seasons, competing for the Pac 10/12 crown and being relevant in the national football conversation, Coach Jim Mora has exceeded all expectations with the 2012 recruiting class. Let's continue the video highlights (Part 1 here) by starting with a pick-me-up from Wednesday's National Signing Day Event at UCLA.

We left off with Adrian Klemm introducing the offensive linemen and introducing "Mini-Me," aka Steve Broussard. Coach Broussard introduced running backs Fabian Moreau and Paul Perkins, highlighting the ability to catch and speed of our new recruits:

Coach Marques Tuiasosopo introduced tight-end Ian Taubler. Taubler's family has "bought-in" so much they're moving down here from Fresno.

Coach Eric Yarber introduced his "four new toys," wide receivers Jordan Payton, Ahmaad Harris, Javon Williams and Kenny Walker. Quotable: "Put the ball on the shelf so little kids can't play with it."

That's it for today. The last installment will include defensive coordinator Lou Spanos introducing his defensive coaches: Demetrice Martin on defensive backs, Jeff Ulbrich on linebackers and kicker, and Angus McClure on the defensive line.

Go Bruins!

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