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Bruin Bites: Super Bowl Pre-Game Edition

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It's Super Bowl Sunday. The most-watched event on television. With the Niners eliminated in heart-breaking fashion by Eli and the Giants, there's no real personal stake in it for many of us on the West Best Coast. So, I imagine many will be rooting for whomever gets them the most money on their bets, waiting to see which commercials light it up and which ones flop, and/or if there's another wardrobe malfunction during half-time.

But, for at least two UCLA Bruins, there's a football game to be played today. Former Bruin return man Matt Slater will line up for the New England Patriots in both the return game and as a wide receiver, while former Bruin safety Bret Lockett will watch the Super Bowl from the sidelines as part of New England's injured reserve. And as bryanucla noted, there isn't a single Trogan on New England's roster, while the Giants have zero Bruins and a single U$C man, reserve defensive back Terrell Thomas, so I guess I'll be rooting for Tom Brady's bunch.

With that, let's turn to your special edition Super Bowl bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites for this Super Bowl Sunday. This doubles up as our Super Bowl pre-game open thread, so fire away with your thoughts, opinions, and takes about the big game, and go Matt Slater!