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Super Bowl XLVI Open Thread

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The time is here. After 16 weeks of action - a pretty thrilling postseason, supposedly a Pro Bowl and several hours of pregame programming, the NFL season concludes tonight with the New York Giants and New England Patriots meeting in Super Bowl XLVI. The game will be kicking off in just a few minutes, and while the many frontpagers are still getting over the ending to the NFC Championship Game, this looks to be a good matchup - for the folks interested in this sort of thing, New England were listed as 3 point favorites in this morning's paper.

As bryanucla noted in his fanpost this morning, the Patriots win the battle of the Bruins, 2-0 while the Giants lose the battle of having Trojans on the roster, 0-1. Meanwhile, Giants' Head Coach Tom Coughlin has a long-documented respect for Coach Wooden. Use that information as you will.

This is your open thread for the Big Game, the commercials, halftime show and whatever else arises this evening.