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Pac-12’s Larry Scott is Not a Fan of Dan Guerrero’s Dumb Football Scheduling

Last November news came out that Dan Guerrero against UCLA's best interests scheduled a "neutral" site game against Texas in Dallas. We discussed why that game was a classic case of dumb scheduling here and here. So we are not going to repeat those same discussions again. However, it appears it is just not us here at BN, who thinks this kind of scheduling is ridiculous.

Bryan Fischer notes on CBS that Pac-12 will no longer permit non-conference "neutral site" football games "unless the conference gets their cut of the media rights":

No member institution shall enter into an agreement to play a neutral-site football game (except in circumstances where such neutral-site game is the away leg of a home-and-home series) unless such agreement provides the Conference with the exclusive broadcast rights and digital rights in all media, and copyright to such neutral-site game.

In other words in the future Pac-12 will not allow incompetent administrators like Chianti to schedule "neutral" site games against Texas in Dallas, unless the Longhorns also agree to come out to LA. It is too bad that this rule was not in place last year.

Still it is good to see the Pac-12 front office realizing that this kind of stupid scheduling doesn't help the conference. Now only if we had similar competent leadership at Morgan Center, we'd be in good shape.