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Bruin Bites: Chianti Dan and Ben Howland Can Burn in Hell Edition

F**k you Ben Howland. F**k you Dan Guerrero.

I am so angry, I don't know how else to start this special edition of Bruin Bites. All I can wonder at this point is how Ben Howland and Dan Guerrero are still collecting pay checks from UCLA. These two incompetent, feckless, pieces of human filth should be run out of Westwood. If Gene Block (read: Rhea Turtletaub) has any spine, then it is time to step up and do what should have been done a long time ago:


There won't be any tidbits from around the UCLA-iverse. I am not going to go digging through the internet for the usual feel-good pieces about academic breakthroughs, neat profiles of Bruins, and the other miscellaneous items of interest that generally fill this space.

Instead, I'm just going to write, uncensored, directly to the two complete and total morons responsible: Ben Howland and Chianti Dan Guerrero.

What the f**k is wrong with you two? You two have managed to not only embarrass and disgrace our great university, but in today's pervasive media landscape, you have managed to effectively re-define UCLA basketball from "Coach Wooden's storied program" with discipline and accountability (where even the biggest stars were told to follow Coach's grooming standards or be thrown off the team), to a drug-using, MMA-style free-for-all joke, that you'd only expect to see in poor quality movies about the sleazy underside of college sports.

In my life, I have been fortunate to meet a lot of young men and women who wear the uniforms of our Republic's armed services. I read, every day, about young men and women, who in a far-away land, surrounded by an angry population that hates them, in the face of a hidden and deadly enemy, LEAD other young men and women. I find it absolutely amazing that there are thousands of 22 year olds who know more about leadership and accountability than you two.

Do you hear me Ben? Dan? You are grown ass men. You are supposed to be adults. Parents send their kids, these young adults, some barely 17 years old to Westwood for you to lead them, to teach them, to guide them. You have failed, in absolutely horrific fashion. You both make me sick.

How do you let a thug like Reeves Nelson openly assault other players, his own teammates, in practice? You let this tattooed punk step on Tyler Trapani as he laid on the ground, and rather than impose any kind of discipline, you let it go because "he's producing." You did nothing, and by doing so, you encouraged and fostered this abusive culture, where Reeves could run rampant and terrorize his fellow student-athletes.

You know what you've produced Ben? A legion of angry and pissed off Bruin fans, alums, and students. You've produced the biggest embarrassment to UCLA in recent memory.

The way Ben Howland "protects" his student-athletes makes me wonder if he went to the Joe Paterno School of Coaching, except without the championships.

Physical abuse. Rampant drug use. Zero accountability.

If anything, we've now seen the real Ben Howland, the fraud who can teach the X's and O's of basketball, and has absolutely no clue how to manage a basketball program. The egomaniacal jerk who lucked into the "Ben Ball Warriors" thanks to abused, berated assistants like Kerry Keating.

And, then, there's his boss: the bumbling, incompetent, tone-deaf, chianti-swilling idiot that has presided over the worst era in UCLA athletics, Chianti Dan Guerrero.

It's time to pull the plug on Chianti Dan and Ben Howland. They have failed UCLA and turned UCLA into a national joke. They have openly trampled on the legacy of Coach Wooden and there can be only one solution: