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Bruin Bites: Chianti Dan Destroyed UCLA's Legacy Edition

There isn't much more that needs to be said. Chianti Dan Guerrero, our worthless joke of an athletic "director" who is too busy planning wine-tasting trips to Tuscany, greasing the palms of his fellow brain-dead NCAA bureaucrats, and signing off on a rambling, laughable joke of a "blog" that is nothing more than a pitiful attempt to spin his complete and total FAILURE in charge at Morgan Center.

It's official now folks. We have been discussing this for months, as Ben Howland and this total dumpster fire basketball program continued to flail away, but now there can be no more denying this simple truth:

The legacy of UCLA basketball, built by Coach John R. Wooden, has been trampled, disrespected, and left to wither and die at the hands of Chianti Dan Guerrero and Ben Howland.

UCLA, the program which leads the nation in national titles, ahead of Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Duke, Indiana, Michigan State, Syracuse, Connecticut, and any other program you think deserves to be considered at the top of college hoops, not only missed the NCAA tournament (for the third time in Howland's nine seasons in Westwood), but was snubbed by the second-tier afterthought gimmick, the NIT.

That's right folks, Ben Howland, who already led UCLA to national embarrassment for his incompetent mismanagement of the program, after pathetically begging for a NIT invite in the national media, got snubbed by a second-rate joke of a tournament, all to decide the 69th best team in the country. Despite playing in one of the most pathetic, underwhelming Pac-10/12 conferences in history, Howland's Bruins could not make March Madness. Oh, and UCLA got a life-line in the conference tournament, with a clear path to automatic qualification through a weakened field, and still choked.

Oh, and in case you didn't realize it, as you fill out your brackets for your office pool, you'll notice all those other elite programs mentioned above are all in the tournament, even in "down" seasons.

So, since Chianti Dan and Ben have managed to effectively kill off UCLA basketball, once the pinnacle of not just college hoops, but all of college sports, let's take a look at some of the special low-lights from Chianti Dan and Ben Howland's complete and utter failure this season, Bruin Bites style. So yes, we won't have the usual round-up of bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse. Instead, we'll have the main bites of Chianti Dan's reign of error and Ben's dumpster fire program, after the jump.

So, there you have it folks. Look at that list above. Tell me, objectively, what Chianti Dan or Ben Howland have done to warrant being employed at UCLA on past Monday morning. These clowns will continue to college a paycheck that comes out of the pockets of the taxpayers of California and the alums, fans, and students of UCLA. It's almost criminal that these two losers are being paid to provide their "service" to UCLA. And, what's even more shocking, is that this list is only a fraction of the embarrassing datapoints these two losers have managed to compile in their failed tenures in Westwood. Run a simple search through our archives, and you'll have a lot more reading to do.

Those are your special edition Chianti Dan and Ben FAILED Bruin Bites. Fire away in the comment thread with your thoughts, comments, reactions, and takes.