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Non-Revenue Roundup: Men's Volleyball Falls, Top-Ranked Women's Tennis Dominates, Gymnastics Bounces Back

Chanelle Van Nguyen continues her perfect for the #1-ranked Bruins.  (Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics)
Chanelle Van Nguyen continues her perfect for the #1-ranked Bruins. (Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics)

Finally. With Chianti Dan and Ben Howland's dumpster fire basketball program being snubbed by the NIT, the complete embarrassment that is UCLA basketball has finally come to an end, at least for now. Although, with Gene Block's complete and total apathy regarding UCLA athletics, it appears Chianti Dan will be allowed to stay in charge at Morgan Center to further dismantle and destroy the proud legacy that is UCLA athletics. Unless Gene Block (and/or his right-hand, Rhea Turteltaub) gets some guts and steps up and does what everyone throughout the wider Bruin Nation knows needs to happen, firing Chianti Dan Guerrero, UCLA will continue to be the butt of jokes across the nation.

You see, if Chianti Dan isn't shown the door now, he'll ride the success of our spring sports and claim credit for their success, when in reality, these programs are succeeding in spite of his mismanagement. So, while we go through these non-revenue roundups, keep in mind who is really responsible for their success: the coaches (many of whom were in place well before Chianti slithered into Westwood, either as head coaches or top assistants in Westwood) and the athletes who, unlike many of Ben Howland's hard-partying, drug-using, out-of-control "student-athletes" (Reeves Nelson, J'mison Morgan, Drew Gordon, among others), have to work hard and fight for recognition for, well, again unlike Ben Howland's squad, winning. Let's make sure the credit goes to where it belongs: those student-athletes and coaches, not the incompetent fool in the empty suit who is too busy planning his next wine-tasting excursion to Tuscany.

With that, here's how UCLA's non-revenue programs fared this past week:

And with that, that is your non-revenue roundup for this past week. Split week for Coach Scates, but really good results for the gymnastics squad, tennis squads, and women's water polo team. Also, as a programming note, you'll notice that softball was not included in this round-up. Starting tomorrow Wednesday, the softball team will gets its own weekly round-up on Tuesday mornings (except for this week), so if you're wanting to keep track of another Bruin squad that will look to go deep in the post-season and hopefully challenge to bring another national title home to Westwood, keep your eyes peeled for that.

Fire away with your thoughts, comments, additions, or analysis in the thread.