ACTION - Email This List to Chancellor Block: Guerrero's Failures

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Here's a list of Dan Guerrero's errors thus far at UCLA. Read 'em, weep, and then email them to Chancellor ( :

1. A lack of leadership: Dan Guerrero is claiming he was ignorant to the accusations made in the recent Sports Illustrated article; yet, while his ignorance is likely a lie, it only makes the case for firing him even stronger. Is it not startling how detached Dan Guerrero is from his job when many Bruinreportonline subscribers knew Reeves Nelson had major issues, including the problems associated with his practice behavior, which was reported by journalists, insiders, and regular fans, but the athletic director seemingly is telling us he did not have a clue about it?

2. Failing to get most out of existing apparel contract with Adidas: Adidas Dan Guerrero locked UCLA into another long-term contract with Adidas without negotiating with Under Armour or Nike. Much of the UCLA fan base, students, and prospective student athletes have not been satisfied with Adidas. How could the athletic director not entertain offers from other companies? Why hasn't Dan applied pressure on Adidas to provide more UCLA apparel when the current apparel is barely fit for Cal State Northridge? Why at an Adidas store a few miles away from campus is there not a single piece of UCLA apparel? These are issues fans have been complaining about for years, yet the athletic director's apathetic attitude towards UCLA athletics has resulted in no real progress with these issues.

3. Failing to generate excitement among students and boost attendance: UCLA's student attendance began to drop both in football and basketball after the 2005-2006 season, even with more success in the latter because the athletic department allowed the central ticket office to move the student's tickets to their Bruin Cards without making those tickets transferrable to other students in any way possible. As Bruin basketball strengthened, the student section became less full; with students continually complaining about the lack of options of moving their tickets to students who could use them when they were not in use. Dan Guerrero did nothing about this for years and I am still unsure whether there is now a mechanism to actually transfer your tickets to another student. In my personal experience, I was able to grab tickets from many people who lived around me and handed them to others who likely would never have attended a game and got them hooked on Bruin football and basketball. This is another case of Dan Guerrero's apathetic attitude towards his position hurting UCLA in many ways.

4. Unfairly raising ticket prices for students: Dan Guerrero's athletic department raised the individual prices for student tickets for both football and basketball tickets to $35-$45 depending on the game during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. These prices were actually higher than the general admission tickets in the stadium. Who in their right mind would ever give their okay to that? Student prices should be high subsidized - with many schools giving all tickets away for free. How could Dan Guerrero charge students a higher price than anyone else?

5. Getting a 34% (highest paid in the conference) salary increase while yielding lackluster results during an economic disaster: Dan Guerrero's salary has risen from $449,000 in 2007 to $599,000 by 2010. The data for 2011 and 2012 are not yet public yet. During the worst recession in both the economy and UCLA sports in the last 70 years, Dan Guerrero's salary has eclipsed the rest of the Pac-12's athletic director's while our major sports have suffered tremendously and fan support has dropped to record lows. Also, Dan Guerrero raised his salary during a time when head coaches Ben Howland and Rick Neuheisel took pay cuts because of the recession.

6. Enabling the hiring of Karl Dorrell: He hired Karl Dorrell who nobody except UCLA fans would have ever thought would be a candidate. He did not have the intestinal fortitude to tell the prior Chancellor how much of a gamble and risk it would be to hire Karl and how they needed to make the appropriate hire to combat a rising USC program that had been dormant for two decades.

7. Hiring of Rick Neuheisel: He hired Rick Neuheisel, who was well known around Boulder and Seattle as destroying both of those programs. I mean, if he did it twice already, he definitely deserves a 3rd shot, right? How can UCLA fans trust an athletic director who seemingly has no clue on who to hire?

8. Running an incompetent marketing department: Can we really leave marketing under one bullet point? Dan Guerrero's marketing department advertised to opposing fans to turn our home stadium red! His marketing department advertised to the opposing team to have a magical time watching their team at our home stadium. His marketing department started a campaign that was highly controversial with Rick Neuheisel stating "The Monopoly is Over" without even consulting the coach. There isn't a single school other than UCLA that has made so many follies just in this one division. Who was fired over these embarrassments? Nobody.

9. Drug issues with UCLA basketball: We have had drug problems related to the basketball program. I'm sure you have read and heard about these.

10. Drug issues with UCLA football: We have had drug problems related to the football program. I'm sure you have read and heard about these.

11. Atrocious record (1-9) v Southern Cal: Dan Guerrero's record against Southern Cal in football is an embarrassing 1-9.

12. Missing the NCAA tournament 2 out of 3 years. The basketball program has now missed the NCAA tourney for the 2nd time in the last 3 years. Note UCLA has missed the tourney 4 times during Guerrero's tenure (arguably he gets pass for 2 of them due to Steve Lavin).

13. Atrocious football attendance numbers: The UCLA football attendance numbers are being covered up by a Madoff-like scheme by Dan Guerrero. As I am sure you have noticed when attending games, there are tens of thousands of elementary, middle, and high school school students receiving free tickets who are masking the poor attendance totals at the Rose Bowl. These non-UCLA students are not paying customers and are used to cover up the massive failures associated with the football program that cannot sell enough seats to fill the stadium. What is also troubling is Dan Guerrero's athletic department gouging their own students to pay higher prices than the general admission seats but finding a way to subsidize and give tickets away for free to non-UCLA students.

14. One of the worst stretches in the history of UCLA basketball: The basketball program is having one of its worst stretches in history as well under Dan Guerrero, as our record with him our athletic director is 201-114, equating to a 63.8% winning record. Considering UCLA's history, tradition, and immense advantages we have over other programs, missing the tournament this many times should by itself put him on the hot seat, not even looking at the even worse record in football.

15. Turning the UCLA football and basketball programs into local and national irrelevance: From 1943 to 2002, only 12 graduating classes went without seeing a Rose Bowl berth or a basketball championship. That's 12 classes out of 60. From 2003 to 2012...there will be 10 out of 10. Dan Guerrero arrived in the 2002/2003 school year.

16. Historic underachievement in UCLA football: The football program is having one of its worst stretches in our history under Dan Guerrero, as our record with him as our athletic director, with two failed football coaches, is 64-63, equating to a 50.3% winning record. Considering all of UCLA's immense advantages over other programs, as national ESPN radio and television host Colin Cowherd recently said, UCLA is the most underachieving football program in the nation (he also included the basketball program as the most under performing basketball program).

17. Detachment from the basketball program while it imploded under Howland: The basketball team has many players transferring and disgruntled, with the athletic director pretending as if he didn't know any of these issues when the UCLA fanbase already knew of them. There are deep issues inside the basketball program which begs the question - how can the leader of the department claim ignorance to these deep divisions that many fans, students, and the media already know of?

18. Failing to provide necessary training to UCLA student athletes: Dan Guerrero has continually failed the students athletes at UCLA by not providing them the necessary training environment and personnel to help the players succeed (See the hiring of Mike Linn, a proven failure at UCLA, but he was allowed back again on campus). Our student athletes need the best trainers and facilities to help them achieve their goals. UCLA should not employ an athletic director who has not proactively sought out the best training facilities and trainers to help the student athletes achieve their goals.

19. Setting up ticket pricing structure only adding to apathy around UCLA football: The prices of general admission tickets have been set at levels where very little interest is generated to come to a game which hurts both revenues and the atmosphere of the events (see this year's sports arena, TEXAS football, next year Nebraska at home)

20. Total lack of strategic initiatives to engage the student fan base with UCLA athletics: The marketing department has made no strategic decisions on how to market its product better to its student fan base. The current student culture at UCLA is at its most apathetic levels in history. Nothing is being done - nobody considers this a problem in Dan Guerrero's athletic department. I have attended graduate school at borderline division one school that did not have 1/10 our student population nor 1/1000 of our tradition; yet, the athletic department constantly found ways to market its product to the students and the students often responded.

21. Offering no solutions to address student apathy for athletics at UCLA: The current student population is the most apathetic in UCLA history. The losing product on the field combined with the lack of marketing to them has made the atmosphere toxic on campus in relation to school pride. Students act like they are at Cal State Northridge now and no longer have UCLA pride. Dan Guerrero has done nothing to meet with the Chancellor and provide some meaningful solutions on how the University as a whole must fix this and engender more Bruin spirit throughout the campus. This would only help in future donations to the school as a whole.

22. Turning Pauley renovation project into a debacle: The Pauley renovation debacle has cost UCLA millions from long time donors, such as Richard Bergman who pleaded that the current renovation was unsatisfactory and the massive problems with Pauley Pavilion could not be rectified by putting glass around it for $135 million. Instead of fixing the inherent problems with the arena that has made it unlike smaller college arenas, the same issues of awful sightlines from the upper levels will persist and likely worsen to some degree.

23. The Spaulding Field nightmare: Under Dan Guerrero's watch, the practice field has somehow become an even bigger embarrassment to UCLA. After nearly 10 years on the job, Dan Guerrero still does not have concrete plans on how to bring UCLA up to the level of its Pac-12 competitors who have made major strides in practice facilities. UCLA's practice facilities would be frowned upon by Texas high schools. Dan Guerrero's response to questions regarding Spaulding Field's inadequacy as a practice field for a major division one program was, "What's wrong with Spaulding?" to a local reporter.

24. Lack of care for UCLA's student athletes: The looming scandal that awaits us is the level of care within UCLA's athletic department towards its athletes. UCLA athletes are reportedly going elsewhere to get treatments because of problems related to the current doctors. The complaints have been set forth on Bruin websites and the players have went elsewhere to get the proper and necessary care, when we currently have a top 5 hospital within footsteps of the campus. This article would be much more embarrassing and scandalous than an SI piece on Reeves Nelson. I implore you to do some investigating here before a real scandal ensues.

25. Mishandling of student seating at the renovated Pauley: Dan tried to move the student section in the new Pauley Pavilion by moving them away from the court which has given UCLA basketball a more traditional college feel. If it were not for the Bruin faithful speaking out and applying pressure on Dan, the students would not be on the court in the future and the last remnants of college basketball at Pauley would be gone. Why does it take Bruin fans to speak out and inform Dan about what he should be doing? This episode shows how Dan Guerrero simply does not understand how UCLA must cultivate the college experience and atmosphere to stand out from the Lakers and Clippers.

26. Mishandling of football coordinator hires: In 2010, Rick Neuheisel sought to hire a new defensive coordinator. In a long search that became a public embarrassment, Rick decided to hire Rocky Seto. When Seto's name was leaked, Dan Guerrero wilted to public pressure and did not allow the Seto hire to transpire. We then ended up hiring a coach from the OMAHA NIGHTHAWKS, Joe Tresey, to lead our defense in 2011. We all know what happened with UCLA's defense in 2011.

27. Failing to secure reasonably functional alternative home venues for UCLA basketball during Pauley renovation: With many fans complaining at how awful the sports arena would be, Dan continued with his goal of playing there, helping making this basketball season a complete disaster. All he needed to do was ask the fans and they would have noted that they would rather play more games at the Forum, LMU's gym, or even the Pond. Instead, we played in an arena that cockroaches wouldn't find fit to stay in. The lack of any home court crushed the team and fan support for an entire season. Dan simply made another poor decision. How many mistakes is he afforded before there is accountability at the top?

28. Failing to seriously explore alternative and more attractive home venues for UCLA football: Dan Guerrero locked UCLA into the Rose Bowl for the next 40+ years without doing the proper due diligence. And in stunning fashion, he gave himself the credit for the renovations. With an NFL stadium coming to downtown, UCLA could have made its mark in a location closer to campus. It would have given UCLA at least an opportunity to see a better deal. The UCLA athletic director should negotiate for the best deal on all terms.

29. Allowing Bob Field to dictate the football agenda: Why did Dan Guerrero continually allow Bob Field to dictate the agenda for the football program? All you have to do, as Chancellor, is speak to many former players and fans about Bob Field and they will let you know how he has been UCLA's Stuxnet destroying us from the inside.

30. Destroying the classic look of UCLA football uniforms: Why has Dan Guerrero allowed our once extremely loved jerseys to now look putrid? Our pants now look like someone threw up on them, or a cotton swab. The jerseys are so flawed that the names and the UCLA inspired shoulder stripes no longer can be placed on the jerseys well. Shoulder stripes were a UCLA innovation yet we can no longer use them anymore! Also, we pleaded with USC to wear our home jerseys together for games and then we suddenly backed out on it a year later. The USC athletic director claimed on television during the game that Dan Guerrero texted him, apologized, and then said they would go back to wearing the traditional blue uniforms again.

31. Letting Trojans deface the Rose Bowl turf before our home football games against Southern Cal: Why does Dan Guerrero allow USC to stab our field at the 50 during the rivalry game! Can you imagine that with any other rivalry? Does Florida State stab their spear into the Florida Gator 50?

32. Attempting to hold on to Neuheisel even after 0-50 and other stunningly embarrassing defeats in his fourth season: Dan Guerrero reportedly wanted to keep Rick Neuheisel even after all the stunning defeats and embarrassments. For any rational athletic director, the Arizona loss should have been the end. The inaction only enraged the fan base and embarrassed the school.

33. Surrendering over 30,000 tickets to Trojans for rivalry game against Southern Cal at the Rose Bowl: UCLA continually hands over nearly 30,000 seats to USC for our game at the Rose Bowl. USC has lowered our allotment and pushed us to the worst seats in their stadium; so why should we not lower their allotment? If USC fans want to buy those tickets, make them buy them on the open market, or better yet, UCLA fans may buy them instead.

34. Inability to optimize UCLA's fundraising capacity resulting in an apathetic donor base: UCLA finished last in the Pac-12 in the amount of donors for student athletes, while our fan population and alumni base is likely near the top. This should seem like the obvious effect of such poor on and off the field performance, coupled with extremely poor marketing to students and alumni.

35. Making UCLA football and basketball irrelevant in LA: The LA Times recently did not rate UCLA football or basketball in the top sports in the city, showing the level of disinterest in the programs under Guerrero's watch. This is mind numbing as UCLA basketball holds 11 national titles and is loved by so many in the Los Angeles area. UCLA football was extremely successful until Guerrero's current reign. How can these major programs be seen as so irrelevant both locally and nationally?

36. Unsatisfactory graduation rates for both UCLA and basketball athletes: The graduation rates of both the football and basketball program are both unsatisfactory. Since UCLA's academics standards for athletes have been pushed higher than many other schools, including Berkeley, why is our graduation rate lower than others?

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