My Requirements for Howland: Expectations for 2012-13

So Ben Howland is our coach for next year. With Chianti inexplicably still employed as our AD, no one was really surprised by his decision. I can honestly say I am a bit relieved that Chianti will not be performing a head coaching search to replace Howland. So I thought I would put down my expectations for Howland going forward. I know some will go over my list and think I am being unreasonable. If we want to compare our program to Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan St., UCONN, don't be so quick to judge. Howland has dug himself in a deep hole created by transfers, early departures to the NBA, bad recruiting/judge of character. These issues are on Howland as the Coach of this program. Keep in mind, the other programs listed above have dealt with the same issues and are all in the Big Dance this year. So here are my requirements for Howland and the program going forward:

1.) Win the Pac-12 in 2013.

2.) Be ranked in the top 15 for the majority of the season

3.) Secure a Top-3 Seed for the tourney (not the NIT).

4.) Make a deep run in the postseason. Elite 8 is the bare minimum.

5.) Land a top 10 recruiting class with a true PG for 2013-2014.

6.) Adaptation to your teams abilities.

a.) Play zone if Josh is in foul trouble or can't keep his man in front.

7.) Show connection to your players on and off the court. Just telling us it is there is not good enough by me. I want to watch the game and see it from your player’s reactions and body language.

8.) Zero losses to mid-majors during our preseason.

What am I missing?

Out of curiosity, do you think Chianti gave Howland a list of expectations? I don’t.

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