Personnel Evaluations for Howland and Guerrero

Dan Guerrero said that he did an end of season evaluation of the UCLA basketball program. This is presumably how it went when he got together with Ben Howland-

DG- "Let's go over the goals we set at the beginning of the season, and see how we did on each of those."

BH- "No problem."

DG- "First, did we get UCLA back in the national discussion, with a major article in Sports Illustrated?"

BH- "Sure did."

DG- "Excellent. Second, did we win a game in a high profile nationally televised pre-conference season tournament?"

BH- "Yes again. We took it to Chaminade in the Maui Invitational."

DG- "Great. Finally, we aren't going to lose any games in the NCAA tourney- right?"

BH- "Absolutely."

DG- "Ben- you are one of a kind."

BH- "Back at you. There is no other athletic director in the country who has done what you have, and has your longevity."

DG then went to Chancellor Block to get his evaluation. After the break...

GB- "Dan. I'm a busy man. We have to decide what color the new sofas are going to be in the Medical Center west wing waiting room. But we should be able to give athletics the attention I think it deserves in the next few minutes."

DG- "Sounds good. Love your support. You are the perfect boss for me."

GB- "So how did our teams do this year?"

DG- "Our basketball team got a major write-up in Sports Illustrated, won a glamour game in Hawaii, and will not lose a game in the NCAA tournament."

GB- "That sounds great. Basketball- is that the one with the round ball?"

DG- "I think so. And our women's volleyball team won the national championship."

GB- "Wow. Is that the sport they play in Pasadena in the big stadium?"

DG- "You bet."

GB- "Dan- there is no other athletic director in the country who has done what you have done, and has your longevity."

DG- "Funny- that is just what Ben Howland said."

GB- "Who?"

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