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March Madness! Friday Open Thread

Just in case one day of wall-to-wall college basketball was not enough for you, here is day 2 of the NCAA Tournament. Yesterday started off slow, with the high point of the early sessions coming from an SPTR-like assist keeping Syracuse from becoming the first 1-seed to lose its opening game to a 16-seed. Things heated up a bit late, with Colorado ending the night doing its best to uphold the honor of its new conference by defeating UNLV.

The already small west coast representation in the Tournament took a hit yesterday - today sees just a pair of California schools seeking to join Colorado and Gonzaga in the round of 32 - SDSU tipping off shortly against NC State, and St Marys facing Purdue late in the afternoon. Florida-UVa and Memphis-Saint Louis are a couple of the promising matchups of the day, while folks are looking at Georgetown-Belmont as a possible upset.

Today's schedule is below. All of the games are being televised, on one of four TV networks (CBS, TBS, TNT or TruTV) and and streamed online via MMOD ($3.99 for the remainder of the tournament).

  • 9:15am PDT: Cincinnati (6) v. Texas (11) - CBS
  • 9:40am PDT: San Diego State (6) v. NC State (11) - TruTV
  • 10:40am PDT: Creighton (8) v. Alabama (9) - TBS
  • 11:10am PDT: Florida (7) v. Virginia (10) - TNT
  • 11:45am PDT: Florida State (3) v. St. Bonaventure (14) - CBS
  • 12:10pm PDT: Georgetown (3) v. Belmont (14) - TruTV
  • 1:10pm PDT: North Carolina (1) v. Vermont (16) - TBS
  • 1:40pm PDT: Missouri (2) v. Norfolk State (15) - TNT
  • 3:50pm PDT: Memphis (8) v. Saint Louis (9) - TBS
  • 4:15pm PDT: Duke (2) v. Lehigh (15) - CBS
  • 4:20pm PDT: Michigan (4) v. Ohio (13) - TNT
  • 4:27pm PDT: St. Marys (7) v. Purdue (10) - TruTV
  • 6:20pm PDT: Michigan St. (1) v. Long Island (16) - TBS
  • 6:45pm PDT: Notre Dame (7) v. Xavier (10) - CBS
  • 6:50pm PDT: Temple (5) v. South Florida (12) - TNT
  • 6:57pm PDT: Kansas (2) v. Detroit (15) - TruTV

And last but not least, Washington hosts Northwestern in an opening round NIT matchup at 7pm. Feel the excitement.