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March Madness! Saturday Sweet-16 Open Thread

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What a difference 24 hours makes. This time on Friday, I was noting the relative lack of upsets on the first real day of the tournament. And then yesterday saw two of the biggest upsets in the history of the NCAA Tournament, with Norfolk St. and Lehigh defeating Missouri and Duke. Ohio did their best to also keep up with the trend, beating 4-seed Michigan. Overall, the lower seed won 8 of 16 games played on Friday.

There will not be quite the same opportunity for historic upsets today: Wins by 11th seeded Colorado - as the Pac-12 Tournament Champion (as weak as the Pac was) and/or 12th seeded VCU - as a defending Final Four team - would not have the same type of emotional impact, but would still make for good basketball. The action starts in just a few minutes when Syracuse plays Kansas State in Pittsburgh.

Today's schedule is below. All of the games are being televised, on one of three TV networks (CBS, TBS and TNT) and streamed online via MMOD ($3.99 for the remainder of the tournament).

  • 9:15am PDT: Syracuse (1) v. Kansas State (8) - CBS
  • 11:45am PDT: Ohio State (2) v. Gonzaga (7) - CBS
  • 2:15pm PDT: Marquette (3) v. Murray State (6) - CBS
  • 3:10pm PDT: Wisconsin (4) v. Vanderbilt (5) - TNT
  • 4:10pm PDT: Indiana (4) v. VCU (12) - TBS
  • 4:45pm PDT: Kentucky (1) v. Iowa State (8) - CBS
  • 5:40pm PDT: Baylor (3) v. Colorado (11) - TNT
  • 6:40pm PDT: Louisville (4) v. New Mexico (5) - TBS