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March Madness! The Sweet Sixteen - Part One

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Week 2 of the NCAA Tournament is just about to begin, with Syracuse and Wisconsin starting off the Sweet 16 in Boston. After the flood of upsets last Friday, the weekend saw most of the favorites win to advance to this round. It is especially true of today's matchups, where the only under-seeded team that won in the round of 32 to play today was 6th seeded Cincinnati, having beaten 3-seed Florida State.

While there is no prospect of the epic upsets that we saw early in the tournament, I would expect the lower-seeded team to win at least one or two of tonight's games. Syracuse is pretty vulnerable for a 1-seed, and is roughly a 3-3.5 point favorite over Wisconsin, while Florida has looked rather strong against its tourney competition so far, and is just a 1-2 point underdog to Marquette.

Today's schedule is below. All of the games are being televised, on either CBS or TBS, and streamed online via MMOD ($3.99 for the remainder of the tournament).

  • 4:15pm PDT: Syracuse (1) v. Wisconsin (4) - CBS
  • 4:47pm PDT: Michigan State (1) v. Louisville (4) - TBS
  • 6:45pm PDT: Ohio State (2) v. Cincinnati (6) - CBS
  • 7:17pm PDT: Marquette (3) v. Florida (7) - TBS