The Tony Parker Recruiting Saga

There was a very interesting article put up on the ESPN site, focusing on Tony Parker and his ongoing recruiting saga. Essentially, the author Jason Jordan got to sit in on a meeting that Tony had with his family, his coach and his trainer, to discuss his options as far as which school to pick.

The suitors are Ohio State, Kansas, Memphis, Georgetown, Georgia, UCLA and Duke.

They basically go around the room and discuss the pros and cons of each school. I won't get into that, I suggest you just read the article yourself to get a sense of the thought process, and how excruciating and agonizing it can be for a kid to make such a big decision.

If there was one takeaway for me from this article, and it is something that I like, it's that it seems this will be Tony's decision and his alone. Everyone puts in their two cents, but all in all it seems like it is done genuinely, and they seem to respect Tony's decision making.

Mind you, it is not without some underlying connection, as Tony's basketball trainer, Dion Glover, is best friends with Korey McCray (the AAU coach who is now on Howland's staff). And Glover seems to think that UCLA would be the best spot for Tony, while others disagreed because of the distance and the time zone difference.

I didn't point that out to show the UCLA connection, I did it to point out the fact that Tony has a basketball trainer and a physical trainer! Of course not every kid has the means to have those opportunities, but Tony seems to be serious about basketball.

Still, he's also a joker, a diplomat who keeps his cards hidden. But he is quite serious about basketball, and the decision is looming on him. Maybe he knows already and is just humoring his close knit network and enjoying the process, but it is not hard to believe that it is a crucial decision for him.

We're all biased (justifiably so!) as UCLA Bruins, but can you imagine how tough the decision can be, if you're fortunate enough to have these options?

I really have no clue where he will end up, others are much more tuned in to this stuff than I am. I do have a feeling that he will come to UCLA, but I don't know if that just comes from my own bias. The way I look at it, and you'll understand this after you read the article, it would go something like this:

Tony the family man would go to Georgia.

Tony the mom-pleasing student would go to Duke.

Tony the attention-seeking jokester would go to Kansas.

Tony the basketball player would to go Ohio State or UCLA.

Good luck deciding!

Go Bruins.

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