ESPN Piles On The Note of Pressure Building on S.S. Chianti

Yesterday I blogged about how members both national and local media are starting to pick up the failings on S.S. Chianti. Looks like ESPN has now piled on the point of pressure building on Dan Guerrero through its lead blogger - Eamonn Brennan - on its college football nation blog:

[T]he pertinent question now is: Where does UCLA go from here?

If you read Bruins Nation with any regularity, you'll know that UCLA fans -- or at least UCLA fans that write and comment on Bruins Nation -- have already made up their minds: Howland needs to go. But so does athletic director Dan Guerrero.

Eamonn went on to amplify the blistering criticisms of Chianti from OC Register's Scott Reid and Bill Plaschke's notes of Guerrero setting up the table to throw Howland under the bus:

He defended Howland and the program to a point, but stopped short of offering anything that could be interpreted as a vote of confidence. It's all platitudes: We'll "talk things through" at the end of the season to achieve an "alignment of vision" and "correct what's wrong." Naturally, this is not going to calm UCLA fans, who were already getting fed up with Guerrero before this week's mess arrived in Westwood.

Glad to see the national writers picking up on the obvious point. What Guerrero is doing here is beyond craven and should upset even the most loyal Howland defenders left among the UCLA fan base.

As we have mentioned all along - before Howland is removed, Dan needs to go. Yes, Ben no longer deserves to be the coach of Wooden's program. But we need to get Dan out first because with Dan in charge we are going to be right back to this mess sooner rather than later.

UCLA alums who donate to their alma mater and care about the athletic programs should make it clear to all the soliciting channels in Westwood: no support for the four letters, until S.S. Chianti has been shipped away from the Bruin shores.


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