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Washington Huskies @ UCLA Bruins Gamethread

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Believe it or not, for the dozens of fans left out there willing to subject themselves to more of Howland's dumpster fire program, there are actually a couple of reasons to be excited for this game.

As the final "home" game of the year, it is obviously going to be Senior Day, and given what we now know about Howland's abrasive, abusive, and negligent behavior, these seniors deserve credit for sticking it out and enduring it.

Sure, Jerime Anderson might have been one of the ringleaders of the three ring circus the 2008 class brought to town, but he is the only one left of that frightful fivesome, and putting up with Howland for four years should earn you some positive recognition.

Walk-on Matt DeMarcus will also be playing his final "home" game after four years in the program. Mad respect for walk-ons and the hard work they put in out of the spotlight. Good luck to you, Matt.

And then there's Lazeric Jones. While I'm sure we've all had our frustrations with his play at many times over his abridged career as a Bruin, we'd be as remiss in our duties as Chianti is with his entire AD if we didn't acknowledge that he was put in a very difficult situation, and kept battling. When it's all said and done, I can't imagine there are many who will think badly of Zeek.

This will also be our last game at Chianti Dan's garbage arena (barring earning and accepting an NIT invite with possible extra "home" games), and it will be against a Washington team that would make lovers of Steve Lavin's Jungleball proud. The first meeting should have been ours, given UW's confounding and undisciplined play. I expect a different result this time. Like almost the entire Pac-12, Washington just isn't that good. Vegas agrees, pegging the Bruins as 5 point favorites. Beefing up your record on this terrible conference like they've done is what we were supposed to do.

Game is on CBS (with Reggie Miller on the mic).