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Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott Supports UCLA Alums’ "Intense Pressure" Around Bruin Basketball

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott weighed in on the UCLA basketball scandal that exploded into the national scene this past week. To no one's surprise he gave his "support" through standard PR speak to our incompetent athletic director and the embattled head coach, for the way they have handled the issue. However, if you read through Scott's comments these grafs were the real kicker (emphasis added, HT Kenneth Powers):

He said that the story is noteworthy mostly because it is about UCLA, which has a rich basketball tradition and a reputation of integrity in the college sports world and that the article might serve as a wake-up call to get UCLA back on top.

"It really is the gold standard based on history and championship success and Coach (John) Wooden," Scott said. "I know with that pride, the commitment to excellence that exists there is going to be a positive and very intense pressure to get the program back to where it belongs. I'm hoping that it's actually a helpful step in terms of the turnaround that everyone wants to see there."

Read those comments carefully again. Scott is essentially indirectly giving his approval to the intense pressure coming from Bruin alums here at BN and other passionate parts of UCLA fan base, who recognize that what we have seen last four years have not been acceptable. This guy clearly gets "it". He gets what UCLA basketball is supposed to be all about better than anyone in our incompetent athletic department.

I have had my issues with Scott when he got started as the Commissioner and still have points of disagreement here and there. But have to say most of his actions (and words) have been on the money (no pun intended).

Scott also underscores why it is so important for UCLA to go out and get a new athletic director, who can realize the ideals of those four letters. If we can get our own version of "Larry Scott" in Westwood, there is no doubt in mind he or she in very short term will expose Chianti just has obsolete and incompetent as Tom Hansen.