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Non-Revenue Roundup: Women's Hoops Limps Into Pac-12 Tourney, Men's Volleyball's Hot Streak, Rowing Returns, Softball Splits

The master at work. HT <a href="">BruinIslander</a>
The master at work. HT BruinIslander

Oh, what a week it has been. While Chianti Dan and Ben Howland have been busy turning our once-proud, storied men's basketball program into an irrelevant national joke (never mind the mess that has been our football program for the past decade), our non-revenue programs have been busy, with some (women's basketball) getting closer to the end of their season, while others (women's rowing) getting their season underway.

So, while the angst and focus of the wider Bruin Nation is focused on the scandal enveloping our men's basketball program under the "leadership" of Ben Howland and Chianti Dan Guerrero, let's take a quick minute to take a look at how our non-revenue programs have fared this past week:

And with that, that is your non-revenue roundup for this past week. Mixed results for the softball team, disappointing weekend for the women's hoops and gymnastics squads, but great week for women's tennis, women's water polo, and men's volleyball.

Fire away with your thoughts, comments, additions, or analysis in the thread.