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UCLA Football: Position & Number Changes in New 2012 Spring Roster

We are in the middle of pseudo-March Madness now. It'd be normal March Madness if we actually had a decent team. We don't. However, thanks to being in a joke conference and a favorable draw, we actually have a shot at getting into the Dance and celebrate like a Mid-Major program. For the players' sake we are going to hope for the best and hope they don't have to suffer through the humiliation of playing in the NIT.

In the meantime, some football news have been trickling out of Westwood. Many thanks to 4everBruin,GrampaBruin and others, who have been keeping us updated via fanshots. Keep them coming folks. 4everBruin tipped us off to the notes on readjusted roster that was recently published by

Dalton Hilliard- moved from Safety to Running Back

Darius Bell- moved from Quarterback to Y

John Young- moved from Tight End to Offensive Lineman

Damien Thigpen- moved from F-Back to Wide Receiver

Jared Koster- moved from Linebacker to Defensive Back

Joseph Fauria- moved from Tight End to Y

Damien Holmes- moved from Defensive End to Linebacker

Keenan Graham- moved from Defensive End to Linebacker

Anthony Barr- moved from F-Back to Linebacker

David Allen- moved from Linebacker to Full Back

BB has more notes here. IE also flagged other interesting points, which are worth taking note of on the home page. Let's get to them after the jump.

As pointed out by IE we have some number changes to keep in mind:

  • Anthony Barr takes Sean Westgate's 11.
  • Cassius Marsh goes to 99 instead of 3.
  • Shaq Evans takes over 1 from Carroll.
  • Ricky Marvray switching to 7.
  • Damien Holmes switching to 43

And some less noticeable position changes:

  • Andrew Abbott is a Safety now, which is what DS traditionally stands for
  • Isaiah Bowens and Aramide Olanlyan are ILB in the new defense.
  • Kevin McReynolds slides in at NT (which confirms the suspicions of a 3-4 defense being put in)

You can check out the new roster here. If you have additional notes, observations, please pile in this thread.