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First Round Bye @ UCLA Bruins Pac-12 Tournament Gamethread

What do you do when your dog is sick and in constant pain and clearly can't enjoy life anymore? You make the difficult and painful decision to put the dog down. You make that decision because you love the dog and you want to end its suffering.

Now imagine that the dog is the USC Trogans and instead of loving it, you hate it with every fiber of your being. That's when you substitute a lethal chemical cocktail for a shotgun and blast away.

By any measure, the Trogans' season has been an unqualified failure. As bad as UCLA has been this year, we haven't come close to the ineptitude of the 6 win, 1 conference win Trogans. This is, for all intents and purposes, a first round bye, and we expect and need big bench minutes if we are going to have any chance of navigating our way through the PAthetiC 12 Tournament.

For once, I advocate showing mercy to the Trogans and putting their pathetic season out of its misery. And just to cover our bases, if this glorified scrimmage somehow goes awry, Ben Howland can just stay at Staples and sell popcorn.

Game is on FSN and AM 570.