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Non-Revenue Roundup: Tennis Teams Roll, Mixed Results for Volleyball, Women's Golf Wins

Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference
Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference

Unlike last week, with spring break over and the students back on campus, almost all of our non-revenue sports teams were in action this past week, many of them picking up right where they left off: in the midst of a march toward (hopefully) another UCLA national championship. Everything that needed to be said about the big-pictures issues when it comes to Chianti Dan's failed leadership was painfully exposed by the statistics highlighted this morning, so let's get right to it.

So, here's how our non-revenue sports fared in their first week back following spring break:

Very good week for our top-ranked women's teams, as the women's tennis, water polo, and golf teams kept rolling toward (what we hope) will be a slew of NCAA championships for Westwood. Fire away with your thoughts, takes, and observations on another solid week for our non-revenue sports.