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UCLA Spring Football Practice Open Thread - Session 11

The eleventh session of this year's spring football practice - and of the Jim Mora era in Westwood - is going to begin later today, at 3:45 p.m. on "What's Wrong With" Spaulding Field. If you're lucky enough to be in Westwood today, you can make your way down to the 80-yard practice "field" and take in some UCLA football action (practices, as always, are open to the public). If you do, feel free to fire up your observations from Spaulding.

While the QB battle has narrowed down to Prince, Brehaut, and Hundley, most of us are still anxious to find out who the Bruins' QB will be to open the first year of the Jim Mora era in Westwood. In that vein, Miguel Melendez, who is filling in for Jon Gold this week got some post-practice quotes from Brehaut on a handful of topics as the QB corps transitions from the Neuheisel era to the Mora-Mazzone schemes:

As we have done with the first ten practices here on BN, we are putting up an open thread. Like I said before, if anyone is heading out to Spaulding, please fire away with your thoughts on what you have seen, whether it be a few words while you are at the field or after getting home or to the dorms later this afternoon. For the rest of us, fire away with your thoughts on UCLA football, position battles you're looking at now with five practices under our belts, what you're hoping to see by the end of spring, etc.