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UCLA vs. Oregon Saturday Baseball Open Thread: Bruins Need To Salvage The Weekend

Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">Scott Wu</a>
Photo Credit: Scott Wu

The first two games of the series have been terrible, awful and whatever else you want to throw in there. UCLA didn't hit, didn't pitch and didn't field. John Savage chased down umpires and that's all well and good since they weren't particularly good either, but the reality is that if the Bruins don't play better then the umpires don't matter. Oh, and Oregon is playing damn well.

The series is lost, but UCLA can still manage a win this weekend and they really do need to avoid the sweep. Even single wins, as disappointing as they may be, are hugely important for the RPI so the Bruins could sue a win. They'll send Grant Watson to the mound in search of it after his tremendous start last week. Brando Tessar has had a fine season for Oregon, but he's been wild so the Bruins can get runs if they are patient and force Tessar to throw strikes.

If you won't be at the Jack this afternoon then you can still catch the game with John Ramey and Tim Wilhelm, who will have the call online. You can also get all the game updates, notes, observations and all the other goodies from my UCLA baseball twitter. This is your open thread as the Bruins try to salvage the weekend so share updates as well as your thoughts and reactions here.