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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

Welcome to our newest feature here on BN, where I justify following hundreds of people on Twitter to give you the most interesting, relevant, and fun Bruin related tweets. They're not just about the athletics programs, but about UCLA in general, Westwood, and other fun tidbits from the lives of our favorite current, past and future Bruins.

First, congratulations are in order to Brandon and Jalynne Crawford, he of UCLA Baseball (and current SF Giant) and she of UCLA Gymnastics, as they announced they are expecting their first child together.

That is going to be a VERY beautiful baby.

Checking in on the men's basketball team, LMR is working out with the team.

Gavin Smith is still missing. For updates, please visit the website linked up by his son.

Look who else has been on campus!

RIP Adam Yauch/MCA.

Bruin Alums always root on their fellow alums, especially those in the playoffs:


Bruins for life.

If you are watching the NBA Playoffs,

Possible future Bruin Point Guard Kyle Anderson, who recently had surgery on his thumb, is still working hard.

He didn't follow up with any comments about pain, so it looks like he survived.

Wisdom from our possibly starting QB this fall:

I know some of you may be interested in this game that came out on Tuesday. Is it... Diablo?

Well there's definitely one Bruin that is all over it - Chris Kluwe. Of course, not at midnight when it was Error 37'ing everywhere.

Feel free to repost some of your favorite UCLA Tweets this week, or any interesting UCLA related Twitter accounts you have been following.