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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

We start off this week's Bruin Twitterverse round up with the good things Bruins do.

Tony Dye wanted everyone to know that this was not a one time occurrence for Baca:

Also, Kevin McReynolds is helping out:

Class of 2013 RB recruit Keyante Green has noticed the ugly side of Twitter:

Green had committed to Georgia, but was told by the coaches they could not honor his commitment and Coach Mora swooped right in. We've signed a few Atlanta area players so Green should feel at "home" when he is in Westwood. He seems to have struck up a twitter relationship with Simon Goines and the two of them seem very excited to be headed to Westwood.

As an aside on the ugly side of Twitter, it is AMAZING how crazy "fans" of various schools can be when their prized recruit chooses another school. It was pretty vicious from the schools that lost out on the Shabazz sweepstakes, and I hope no Bruins took part in the ugliness.

Darren Collison is still playing in the playoffs (but Indiana lost to Miami last night and they are now down 3-2 in the series) but is also looking forward to his basketball camp this summer. If you know anyone that might be interested, the information is below:

In case you're not watching the NBA Playoffs, Russell Westbrook (and OKC) was absolutely destroying Ramon Sessions and the Lakers. Kyle Anderson noticed.

Indeed. Good to know that Kyle understands that he has to live up to as a Bruin.

I'm sure many of us have been here.

We all have our favorite places in Westwood. Diddy Riese, Sak's, Headlines (oh man curly fries...)

Buck Fitty, which became Buck Seventy-Five, and eventually became a part of Westwood's history is no more. Where do you go for subs in Westwood? I've never been to Sockos or Sepis although I'm pretty sure Sepis opened when I was either an undergrad or still in the West LA area.

Also, here is an interesting Twitter account I found the other day - Westwood is Dying. It chronicles and memorializes closed business in Westwood and mentions new openings. Did you know Acapulco closed? Farewell, Margarita Mondays.

Don't worry Simon, because when you get here....


(and a belated Happy Birthday to Marcedes Lewis (May 19) and Malcolm Lee (May 22))