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VIDEO(S): UCLA Spring Game Highlights Starring Hundley, Brehaut, Johnson, Manfro & Other Bruins

For those who missed out on attending the spring game at the Rose Bowl we have some videos to share. It was a beautiful day at the Rose Bowl. With 13,000+ Bruins in the stands we managed to enjoy the game despite the presence of Chianti Dan.

Let's go to YouTube and I will start with Brett Hundley (with some quick dose of the internet legend Steve Manfro). Take a look:

Want some more? Come with us after the flip.

Brett Hundley was not the only QB to put together a great day at the Rose Bowl. Richard Brehaut had a monster evening with quick strikes and bomb(s) (including to Jerry Johnson):

Jerry Neuheisel also looked pretty good managing the team with his quick darts to RBs and also a nice throw to Tyler Scott for TD:

Here are rest of the QB highlights with Kevin Prince, T.J. Milwear and Mike Fafaul:

The offense looks different than what we have seen in the past. It looks simpler under Noel Mazzone. Hopefully it will click on gamedays this Fall.

The last clip contains the opening kickoff, followed by some highlights from the running game and finishes with Steven Manfro's return for a touchdown. Okay, this wasn't a real game, but if Manfro continues to build on his spring performance into the fall, he might be pretty exciting to watch when we're playing for keeps.

After the game, fans were allowed on the field to mingle with the players and get photos and autographs. As usual, the players were gracious and patient and had to be chased off the field by the staff at the end of the day. Another great day at the Rose Bowl. Hope springs eternal.

Go Bruins.