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Bruin Twitter Round Up - Finals, Soccer, Baseball & SQUIRREL!

We start off this week's Twitter Round up with a round of congratulations to the LA Kings, who won their first Stanley Cup last night. Congratulations, Kings. (You have no idea how much that pained my SJ Sharks fan heart to write that.)

Hopefully some of that LA championship mojo can rub off on the baseball team this week, as they head off to Omaha to play in the College World Series. A baseball alum is feeling good things about this Bruins squad:

If you are in the Bay Area, you can hear Byrnes weeknights on KNBR 680, but during baseball season he joins Tom Tolbert on the afternoon show if there is a night game.

Baseball players are the most superstitious athletes out there. Ask Adam Plutko.

Whew. That was close!

On the soccer beat, The Men's National Team began their World Cup Qualifying this past week with a win.

I REALLYREALLYREALLY hope they get new uniforms, because the Where's Waldo look is not doing it for me.

It's finals week at UCLA, and some are seeing the end of their UCLA academic careers.

The day of my last class was pretty bittersweet. I hated to see the end of my time at UCLA, but I was also happy to be finished.

Congratulations Zeek! The last final is always the best.

The UCLA Library has a great program for students to help relieve stress, it's called A PUPPY!

Therapy dogs are available to help students de-stress during finals week. Awww. Staff can also come by today and tomorrow between 3 and 5pm.

If you need some inspiration for finals, Samantha Peszek recommends ...

Finally, I promised to end this with our unofficial UCLA mascot, the squirrel.

This might seem pretty tame for a UCLA squirrel. It's when they come up and snatch the food out of your hands that you have to worry.

I hope he fished it out of the trash, or someone handed it to him.

This past week, happy 21st birthday to Richard Brehaut!