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Bruins Nation Turns 7

"We've had some moments to celebrate ..." (Photo by Stephen Dunn)
"We've had some moments to celebrate ..." (Photo by Stephen Dunn)

As a founding member of Bruins Nation, the site's 7th birthday is really a monumental achievement. I mean, we're like 100 in Internet Years. When Bruins Nation was founded 7 years ago, it was the first non-baseball blog on SBN, which was founded around 2005 as a network of MLB bloggers.

This community has grown beyond my wildest imagination. I don't think any of the founders ever realized how large and vibrant this community would become. when we first started, a lot of people thought this community wouldn't last, or that we were a single-issue blog (firing Dorrell). And a lot has happened in those years. The Dorrell firing, the Neuheisel hiring and firing, the Sports Illustrated article, Chianti Dan's incompetence, and of course the passing of the man who will always be known as Coach.

But not all has been bad in Bruin land. We've had some moments to celebrate, including 13-9, three straight Final Fours, the First to 100, and two CWS appearances in three years.

And while we haven't banner number 12 or won a Pac-10/12 championship in football, we think we've had some success at Bruins Nation. We've built a great community of Bruins who won't settle for the old way of doing things. We've put a lot of pressure on and it's clear that the status quo is not working. For the first time, the bureaucrats in the Morgan Center have realized that the world has changed. They still haven't changed, but I think they've finally realized that someone is watching their every move. The Mora hiring, whether is succeeds or fails, was a massive departure from the Old Way of Doing Things. And this community led and shaped the conversation.

We're all a bit older now, and I like to think that we're wiser. Many of us now have growing families and responsibilities. But we all love UCLA football, UCLA basketball, and we just love UCLA and want UCLA to "perform at [its] best when [its] best is required." And don't forget the end of the keystone of the Pyramid, "[Our] best is required each day." We're only going to get there if everyone involved makes the effort to become the best of which we are capable.

This is your community. What is your most memorable Bruins Nation moment of the past 7 years.