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Bruin Twitter Roundup - Goodbye and Hello.

It's the week after spring quarter and the week before A Session of summer school begins at UCLA, meaning it is a week of transition. Our seniors have begun their transition out, with the UCLA Student Athletes celebrating the end of their undergraduate careers at UCLA with the first ever Student-Athlete Graduation ceremony.

Congratulations Women's Volleyball Seniors, who brought home #108 this year.

And congratulations to Zeek, and to many many more.

Gorgeous shot of Drake from Friday afternoon. (L&S grad was held outside in Drake due to Pauley renovations. I'm so sorry to all of you who didn't get the chance to celebrate in Pauley.)

Oh and Women's Volleyball? They're blinging out hard.

Hellos are slowing being said to the new Bruins that will be arriving on campus for summer session, anxious to get a jump on their UCLA careers. The basketball team is ready for their new freshmen. One doesn't even have to be mentioned by last name.

(Side note, @vinnychase is not Kyle Anderson's twitter account.)

Shabazz will be here soon:

More arrivals:

And Simon Goines is already here, and he has learned well. Check out one of his first stops:

I WANT TACOS TOO. Oh man Tito's tacos... so good. So good.

Everyone's favorite finals week tradition is back!

The pictures that others have posted made the run look huge this year. Congrats on reviving the tradition.

In general week congratulations, congrats to Trey Brown, who got married over the weekend. Here's a picture from Chris Horton, of him and Justin Hickman.

Also, Happy Birthday to Earl Watson.

If you are near the Fowler Museum, they are having a sale TODAY:


They do make some great clothes for working out, and they're so comfortable.. and oh, what? The tweet isn't specifically about their merchandise? It's about wearing the merchandise?



Go Bruins.