Playoffs? Playoffs? Don't ask me 'bout playoffs!

Bumped. Some very good thoughts here and a nice place to start the discussion of how this could impact UCLA, when and if Mora can make us nationally competitive, and the Pac-12 as a whole. - BN Editors

I originally posted this on the ESPN Pac-12 site, but I was asked to repost it here. I have serious concerns about the new playoff situation. It's great in concept, but the field isn't exactly even, especially when you talk about the Pac-12. So I decided to list out my concerns. Let me know if you agree or disagree...

1. The SEC needs to start playing a ninth conference game like the Big 10 and the Pac 12. By playing a ninth game, half the Pac 12 teams get an extra loss that the SEC avoids. That greatly increases the chances that our champion, or our best second team, will have one or more losses, while an SEC gets an artificial boost.

2. The SEC needs to start playing tougher non conference games, and TRUE road games, instead of neutral site games within driving distance of their campuses (Atlanta/Dallas etc.). And the Pac-12 needs true home to home games against the SEC.

3. The SEC likes to say they play THREE patsies in the non conference schedule because
the conference is too tough. BS. Play some REAL games against real BCS competition. Or schedule like most Pac and Big teams schedule: An A game, a B game and a C game.

4. The panel devoted to picking the teams needs to be evenly distributed between reporters from the West/East/Midwest/South. Ever watch the Heisman voting? Yeah, it's built to screw the West.

5. No excuses about "We can't watch Pac 12 games because they come on so late." That excuse pisses me off. What is this, 1955? Stay up. DVR them. You're supposed to be as big a college football fan/enthusiast as the Average Joe. Well, being on the West Coast, I wake up at 7am to watch the preview shows, and stay up late to watch Hawai'i play. And I've never even been to Hawai'i. I just like watching them, and correctly adding the apostrophe.

6. Get rid of the coaches poll. First of all, if you talk to any coaches, you know they don't have a damn clue about anything that isn't wearing their uniform. Asking them to rate VT versus Clemson, while prepping for a Pac-12 game against Oregon State, is sheer madness. Nope, you get some assistant in the AD or media department, a guy who probably has a bookie, making those decisions. You might as well let Paul, the World Cup octopus (RIP) rank the teams.

7. The polls begin from SCRATCH during the 6th week. That will help kill reputation poll position. Did anyone other than me see the Ohio State and their putrid offense? Yes? Then how in the hell are they a preseason #14 pick in most preview magazines? It's because they're the Ohio State, that's why! And apparently, you get to bring 100 years of winning to each year's team. It makes it damn near impossible for a team outside the Top 25 to go on a run and make the final four. But Ohio State? They lose a couple, but win a bunch more, and they'll fall quite nicely via their reputation golden parachute. Screw 'em. Make them win before being ranked.

8. Conference champs trump all. Next is head to head. Alabama didn't beat LSU in the regular season. Alabama didn't win the conference. Too bad, big boy. You don't get a chance to play in the national championship. I don't CARE that you beat LSU with a do-over. You watch.

I think that's about it. I'm kinda ticked about this four "best" teams thing. I smell a rat.

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