Yahoo Confirming That UCLA's Schedule Is A Cakewalk

Yahoo is currently counting down all of the 124 college football teams in the country five at a time. UCLA hasn't come up yet, but four Pac-12 teams have. Oregon St., Arizona St. and Washington St. all came in order at numbers 61, 62 and 63 with a similar message: They are going to need some help or an upset to qualify for a bowl.

This is what stands out about Arizona St.'s projection: "This looks like a team with a five-win ceiling this fall."

Earlier in the countdown there was Colorado at number 79 with the lead line being, "There are too many offensive questions to think the Buffs can sniff .500 this fall." Rice was also up earlier ... way back at number 112.

Right there UCLA has five games against teams that figure to struggle just to make a bowl at best and are really bad at worst. There isn't much separating the Beavers, Sun Devils and Cougars, who are five-win ceiling teams. Colorado and Rice, ugh.

Meanwhile, there are a host of other teams that will surely be in the rankings soon, like a Case Keenum-less Houston, changing Utah and transitioning Arizona. Two of the better teams in the Pac-12, Oregon and Washington, aren't even on the Bruins' schedule this year.

The more we learn about the teams that the Bruins are facing this year, the more we see that this team has a chance to rack up some wins. They don't have to be as good as most eight or nine win teams to win eight or nine games this year.

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