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Bruin Twitter Roundup - Happy Summer!

It's officially summer. The solstice has passed, there is daylight for a good part of the day, the weather is nice but not hot, and summer school has started at UCLA. Which means only one thing - welcome new freshmen!

Fauria better watch out, some of those freshmen are huge.

Do you remember when you moved into the dorms?

I think it's an experience I'll never forget, pulling into the (now long-gone) turnaround, unloading all the stuff I (over)packed, and meeting my new roommates for the first time. In a triple in the res halls! They surely did pack us in there back in the day... what was your dorm situation like? Did you know your roommates? (I deliberately chose not to room with anyone I knew my first year.) Did you have fun dorm pranks?

Since the freshmen do not get the benefit of orientation to take placement exams...

Best of luck. I remember from mine - my foreign language skills were not good enough to test out of taking one more quarter of French. Oh well. It was still fun.

Even if the class was

Sigh, it's so LA. Welcome.

Kyle, welcome to the UCLA family. If you decide to run camps during the offseason, remember, Bruins always look out for each other.

The NBA crowned a new champion. Unfortunately it wasn't the result I hoped for (which was OKC in six) but Russell Westbrook earned himself plenty of attention over the course of the series.

Preach on, Jerry.

By the way, Jordan Payton is a FAST learner.

Speaking of learning (life) lessons -

Puppies are a lot of work - nonstop bundles of energy, training them not to pee in the house, making sure they are walked and fed, and they can never be left alone. Cute dog though.

We end with one final bling shot, courtesy of Rachael Kidder:

If you want to go into the BN way back machine, check out this post from when she committed. Her father is John Kidder, who played from 1983-1987, winning the Rose Bowl in 1984 and 1986.

I'd love to see a Rose Bowl win someday.