UCLA Recruiting: Snoop Dogg "Busted by a Drug Dog" in Norway

From the New York Daily News an update on the father of a Jim Mora recruit:

Snoop Dogg got busted by a drug dog in Norway Thursday morning.

The self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur was packing 8 grams of marijuana when he was detained in customs at Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand.

Authorities discovered the sneaky stash when one of their customs drug dogs was released in the arrivals area and made a beeline for the superstar rapper.

Customs officers said they didn't recognize the megastar at first and found him to be polite and cooperative, showing "no prima donna whims," according to Norway's Verdens Gang newspap.

Snoop paid thousands in fines and then did this:

Shortly after the bust, the 40-year-old rapper posted a photo on Twitter that appeared to show him passing a joint.

"Smoking crip n. cuzns. Hahahahagahhaha," read the caption.

The airport incident was the rapper's second drug bust this year alone.

I am going to withhold any additional comment here because the story speaks for itself.


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