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Bruin Twitter Round Up - Miss Maryland, John Wooden, and the Olympics

In this edition of the Bruin Twitter round up, we start with the Olympics. The opening ceremonies begin on July 27th in London. UCLA Gymnastics Signee Peng Peng Lee gave us an update on her status for the Canadian Olympics Team:

Peng Peng will have a great time as the honorary team captain and she should have a fantastic career in Westwood.

Also, as a side note, if UCLA were a country, we'd be 14th in overall medal count.

Speaking of accomplishments, Trevor Bauer congratulated the Baseball team for making it to Super Regionals:

Trevor is going to scare the living daylights out of me when he's finally called up by the D'Backs, as a Giants fan.

The Miss USA pageant was held on Sunday, and Miss Maryland, Nana Meriwether was the first runner up. Nana is a former UCLA volleyball player and two time All-American.

She is beautiful, inside and out. She is currently working on applying to medical school.

If you have some time, I HIGHLY recommend reading Nana's blog. You will learn more about the Meriwether Foundation which she runs with her father, Dr. Delano Meriwether (who is the first African American to attend Duke and is a former Olympian) and they focus on improving health, empowering communities, and alleviate poverty in rural and peri-urban areas in Africa.

Rick Neuheisel marked the Fourth of June with a note about Coach Wooden:

We all agree.

On the basketball front, Lorenzo Mata is in town, and he is working out with the team:

Or you could go out and get ribs...

Alfred Aboya is back in the country!!

We miss you Alfred. Work out with some of our basketball players too. Please. Speaking of our other Cameroonian player:

I've always pronounced it right! It's not that hard. LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUC MMMMM-BAH AHHH MOOO-TAY. We only screamed it for three years and I still do if I catch Bucks games.

Speaking of a name that deserves to be head, Russell Westbrook is STILL turning heads... not just with his play on the court, but with his outfits.

Oh Russell. Well at least they're winning, right? By the way, if you wanted Russell's fishing lure shirt, I found it at Lacoste over the weekend for 50% off. It's still nearly $60 bucks, which is about $59 more than I would want to spend on that shirt, unless one of the other front pagers wanted the ultimate white elephant gift.

Suddenly, with the Lakers out of the playoffs and it being way too early in the baseball season, LA has turned into a hockey town. Everyone is suddenly and suspiciously on the Kings bandwagon. The Kings are currently up 3-0 over the New Jersey Devils and if they win their next game, will become the new Stanley Cup Champs for the first time in franchise history.

As usual, I like to end with your UCLA affirmation of the day:

Go Bruins.