Heads up: Chianti Dan’s Italian Booze Cruise is Less than a Month Away

In case folks have forgotten already - that legendary "Chianti trip" for Dan "the Warrior (!)" Guerrero - is less than a month away. It is happening from July 6 to 15. In case folks wanted a snap shot of the details:

The Tuscan hills have borne witness to Etruscan ingenuity, medieval power struggles and the creation of world-renowned art and architecture. Join UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero '74 and discover Tuscany's epic history, then continue to the glorious Italian Riviera. Stop at Castello di Monsanto for wine tasting and explore Florence. Visit a sculptor's studio in Carrara, enjoy picturesque Portofino and the coastal villages of Cinque Terre. Stay in romantic Sestri Levante, a gorgeous town of enticing beaches, lush gardens and converted castles.


The question is whether Dan is still going on this trip after we are about to finish fourth straight year championships in either football or basketball, no BCS bowl games, not even a single Sweet-16 appearances, and 0 titles from non-revenue programs.

Is Dan Guerrero, the laughing stock of the Pac-12 and perhaps the most overpaid athletic director in the country, taking in almost a million per year with 0 national championships in either football or basketball still going to embark on this Chianti trip with no sense of accountability?

The number for you to call is 310-206-0613 which belongs to "UCLA Alumni Travel." Give them a buzz and find out whether the Warrior (!) is going to be go on this booze cruise in less than a month.


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