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FLASHBACK: UCLA Upsets No. 1 Ohio State in 1976 Rose Bowl

Now that we are in the Dog Days of summer will start sharing random flashback memories like this one every now and then. These are the video highlights from UCLA's 1976 Rose Bowl victory. Bruins beat then number 1 Ohio State under second year coach Dick Vermeil by a score of 23-10. John Sciarra got the party started with a touchdown pass to Wally Henry.

1976 Rose Bowl (via armysaber)

Pretty cool stuff and a reminder of what UCLA football used to be before it was slowly gutted under under the incompetent leadership of the current athletic director and athletically tone-deaf bosses such as Gene Block and Al Carnesale.

BTW that Rose Bowl championship came under legendary coach Dick Vermeil in his second and last year at UCLA. One has to wonder what would have happened to UCLA football if Vermeil stuck around longer and handed over the reins to someone other than Terry Donahue.